Salient Features

  Unified Dashboard depicting: Real-time and Archived Telemetry Data, Disease Susceptibility Indicator, Daily Crop EvapoTranspiration and Productivity Maps.
  Integrated telemetry of temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, soil temperature and soil moisture over a range of 2-5 Km by every SenseQube Node
  Processing over the Edge: Real-time feedback from SenseQube LoRA Nodes by LoRA Gateways using LPWAN technology.
  Ability to capture interesting patterns from time-series data using Complex Event processing (CEP) engine.
  Secure connection to the SenseQube Middleware in a constrained resource environment using CoAP
  Analysis of incoming Streaming data along with Satellite imagery of the Area-of-Interest to estimate ET/Crop-Water Requirement(CWR) at field scale.
  Easy Integration of SenseQube data with other applications

SenseQube Dashboard