Product Specifications


  System Voltage: 5 Volt DC
  System Current: Min. 0.7 A Max. 1.5 A
  Solar Energy powered
  On-board storage enabled device
  Designed with Standards driven hardware and software


  Integrated Dashboard

Current conditions: Air Temperature,Relative Humidity,Wind Speed,Wind Direction, Rainfall,Wind Chill, Dew Point, Soil moisture (top 5 cms), Soil temperature (top 5 cms)
Extreme conditions: Minimum Temperature,Maximum Temperature, Maximum Gust ( today/last one hour),Maximum Rain Rate (mm/hour)
  Spatio-Temporal subsetting of observations for all the parameters
  Evapotranspiration at field scale through integration of LANDSAT satellite data at 30 meters resolution
  Coarse level Evapotraspiration (ET) estimation using MODIS Data at 250 meters resolution
  ST Web service: Integrate data directly in user’s own applications through OGC standardized requests/responses. Data delivered in OGC Observations & Measurements (O&M) standard
  Ability to subscribe to particular SenseQube Nodes and get instant alerts based on predefined conditions


  Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11
  LPWAN Protocol with Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP)
  OGC Sensor Observation Service v 1.1
  OGC PUCK Standard for plug and play
  WMO AWS deployment standard